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Members of the European Parliament visit German Workshop
In January, BAG WfbM and EASPD organized the event "Employment for Persons with Disabilities - Key for social inclusion and personal development" at the European Parliament in Brussels. The great success of the event promted BAG WfbM to organize the visit of the Hanauerland Werkstätten, a workshop for adapted work in Kehl-Kork near Strasbourg by Members of the European Parliament. Dieter-Lebrecht Koch, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-President of the Disability Intergroup, had the original idea for the workshop visit.

The visit will take place on 21 April 2010. Its aim is to present the German concept of the workshop for adapted work as one possibility for vocational rehabilitation and participation in working life for mainly severely disabled persons. The politicians will have the opportunity to talk with persons with disabilities working at the workshop, the management, the workshop staff and representatives of the workshop council.

One of the participants will be the President of the Disability Intergroup, Mr Ádám Kósa from Hungary, as well as Ms Jean Lambert from the United Kingdom, who also hosted the event on 26 January together with Ms Birgit Sippel.

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