News 23.06.10
Anti-stress Programme ROSE
Since October 2008, nine partner organisations from six EU-Member States have been carrying out the project ROSE (Reducing Occupational Stress in Employment). Managers and supervisors whose work contributes to the inclusion of people with mental and intellectual disabilities are exposed to many stress factors. Currently, there is little support for them. The project aims to close this gap.

Through the development of a web program, managers and professionals shall receive regularly information on stress management at work. The goal of this new strategy is to increase the efficiency of their operation.

ROSE wants to:
  • develop a combined person and work directed stress management programme in order to improve the long-term retention within services of staff.
  • provide an accessible and user-friendly online stress management programme, which will be available to services and individuals 24 hours a day.
The project will run until September 2010. Additional information on the project can be found here externer Link. The online programme can be activated after registration at externer Link.

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Who we are
Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Werkstätten für behinderte Menschen e. V. (BAG WfbM) is the political representative of sheltered workshops in Germany. We represent 93 % of all German workshops. All public welfare organisations and religious denominations work jointly in our organisation.

Our task is to give expert advice on questions related to employment, vocational training, financing and legal issues. Additionally, we are actively involved in the legislation process. BAG WfbM promotes for the participation of persons with disabilities in working life.
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