News 26.07.10
Spanish Organisation is looking for Project Partners
GRUPO GUREAK is a Spanish Sheltered Workshops Corporation located in Donostia-San Sebastian (Basque Country). One of its tasks is to create employment opportunities and vocational training activities for people with learning disabilities as well as for persons with very low working capacity.

Due to the impact of the economic crisis and the fact that occupation for this special group of people is not plenty in Spain, the corporation is looking for partners interested to cooperate in a joint project funded by the European Commission.

The proposal refers to two projects:

LOWCAP (Low Capacity People Processes and Activities) is a European collaborative project, aimed at developing ways to adapt processes and work so people with learning disabilities can fulfill them. Through visits and close collaboration with the research and development teams of different companies, the project partners want to
  • learn from each other and identify best practices in their companies;
  • develop new solutions through collaboration;
  • test new developments in different activities.
Possible results of the project are new ways of combining technology that will help to make new kinds of work available for people with disabilities. In addition, the project partners want to develop new ways to organise work sequences in order to include more people with learning disabilities into the working process.

The second project is named AKADEMI (Training People for Market Needs). The European collaborative project wants to develop new training concepts and techniques to enable people with disabilities to acquire officially recognised abilities needed on the market.

GRUPO GUREAK has developed a Digital Training Platform, where people with learning disabilities can gain social abilities by using multimedia products, team activities or through roll playing. This platform may be used to distribute learning tools between different companies with similar strategies.

This project could lead to
  • new and innovative tools for Digital Training Platforms;
  • new ways of learning and training;
  • the opportunity to test new training programs.
For further information, please contact:
Jon Ander Arzallus
Innovation Director
Phone: +34 – 6 15 74 06 68

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